Custom Builds

Check out some of my recent builds here! Boards that have sound tests will be linked to the photo of the board. Sorry not all have tests at the moment, but going forward, any new build will feature a sound test! 

RAMA M60A | 'Vintage' Creams (205g0 L+F) | GMK Violet Tendencies
Mekanisk Klippe |Alpaca v2 (205g0 L+F) |GMK Calm Depths
KBDFans Tofu60 | Marshmallows (205g0 L+F) |KAT Blanks
KBDFans Tofu60 | Alpacas v1 (205g0 L+F) | GMK Mizu
MARS 8.0 | Zealios v1 (3204) | GMK Hydro
Monstargear K80 Prototype | OAs (205g0 L+F) | GMK Mizu
Alice PCB | Desolder
Discipline | Creams (205f0 L+F) | GMK OblivionPhoto courtesy of Mr. Mar 
HHKB Professional 2 |BKE Ultralight (Lubed) | Blank Stock, Mitchcapped Mods
KBDFans Tofu 65 | Black Inks v2 (205g0 L+F) | PBT Keycaps
Prophet | Marshmallows (205g0 L+F) | KAT Blanks
CW 88 | Black Inks v2 (205g0 L+F) | GMK WoB
Satisfaction75 R1 | Alpacas v2 (205g0 L+F) | GMK Analogue Dreams
Sofle | Pinokos (205g0 L+F) | DSA Blanks
CYBERBOARD| Kiwis (3204 L+F) | SA Bliss
Geon F1-8X | Vintage Blacks (L+F) | GMK Firefly