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I am now partnered with Loobed Switches! You will be able to find my Nebula switches on their website, in stock now! You'll also
find that I've partnered with them on my new guide to the mechanical keyboard hobby. Check it out here! 

I've also begun the process of writing reviews once again. I've purged some of my old reviews that weren't quite up to snuff. I don't want to make any promises as to what my timeline for reviews is, but I hope to do at least one review a month if not more. You can check out my reviews here! I just took a look at the Meletrix Boog75, and long story short, I'm impressed.  

Welcome! My name is Cobertt and I am the owner of [Control on Caps]! I've been in the Mechanical Keyboards hobby since 2008. When I first joined this community, I often felt that there wasn't a great place to ask questions, or in all honesty, a place that helped break down the building of a keyboard. My goal with [Control on Caps] is to provide a single place that can house reviews of switches, boards, and other mechanical keyboard related items; provide a beginner's guide to mechanical keyboards that would still be useful to veterans; and a home for builds that I stream and record. [Control on Caps] is the culmination of my work in this hobby. Come join me on the MechGroupBuys Discord where I run the #help channel. It's a place welcome to keyboard enthusiast of new and old! 

 why [Control on Caps]?

[Control on Caps] is a subtle nod to two things. The first is the Happy Hacking Keyboard layout. I've been a huge fan of the layout since the beginning due to it's efficient symmetrical use of space. One of the most useful things that I've found in the layout has been moving Control to where Caps Lock normally is. Caps Lock isn't really a necessary key so close to the home row since it is hardly used. The other subtle nod in the name is the use of brackets. After watching the, at the time, popular Starcraft II content creator Day[9], I decided that I was going to build my own gaming computer. Before then, I was using the home desktop computer alongside my mechanical keyboard for all of my computer needs. Day[9]'s streams and content pushed me to build my very own computer, and with that, started my journey as a PC gamer, and hopefully content creator.  

 My services

Custom Builds

I offer a wide variety of build services! I only use the highest quality materials and stream my builds on Twitch.tv!

Built to your Specs

I work with clients so that they will have a board that they are happy with. I try and ask as many questions as possible to make sure that each build is unique and personalized. 

Switch Modding

Breathe new life into your switches through modifications. I can do switch lubing, spring swaps, and filming. Make your switches the best they can be. 

Requesting Service

Requesting Build Services is as easy as reaching out to me on Discord - Cobertt#0004 or by filling out the form below!

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